equipment purchased

Your donations matter. Whether you donated directly to the NSHN Foundation or to the NSHN Auxiliary, your donations made it possible for our health care professionals to have access to new and reliable equipment.

In 2017-18, your donations purchased the following equipment: 

NSHN Richards Landing - Matthews Site


DInamap Blood Pressure Monitors (2 Monitors)


The Dinamap Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor is a portable machine used to measure a patient's BP and heart rate. Nurses and Physicians use a BP Monitor on nearly every patient to quickly observe their vitals.




Portable Digital Radiography Machine

Portable Digital Radiography (DR) Machines are state of the art X-Ray machines used to produce high quality images of bones, brakes, fractures, etc. 

This machine replaced the Computed Radiography (CR) X-ray machine, which produced a lower quality image and exposed the patient to higher does of radiation. 


The new DR Machine produces faster, higher quality, and more efficient images. The DR Machine produces images 10 times faster than the CR Machine. This is important in traumas and emergency, as well as for patient wait times and department work flow. The DR Machine also produces over and under exposed images less often than the CR Machine, and exposes the patient to less radiation. 

The new DR Machine has improved patient wait times, reduced patient exposure to radiation, and provides higher quality imagining to ensure the best care possible. 

NSHN Thessalon Site


Plum Intravenous Pumps (2 Pumps)


An Intravenous (IV) Pump is a machine used to administer fluids, medication, or nutrients directly into a patient's circulatory system at a consistent rate. 




Laerdal suction unit

The Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is a machine used to clear secretions from a patient's airway. It is portable and is used in emergency situations. 



NSHN Blind River Site


Cardiac Monitoring System

Cardiac Monitoring Systems are specialized machines used by health care professionals to monitor patients, particularly changes in their blood pressure and the rate and rhythm of their heart. This equipment is essential in providing high quality care to our patients.


Previously, the Blind River Site's Emergency Department had one non-portable Cardiac Monitoring Unit in the trauma room, and two non-portable re-purposed defibrillators in the recovery room area. 

This outdated system has been replaced with the Intellivue Cardiac Monitoring System; a wireless system that provides remote cardiac monitoring for one or two patients from a central location in the Emergency Department. It is also connected to the system in the Acute Care Department. Peripheral attachments allow monitoring of blood pressure, oxygen level, and temperature. The system usage is approximately six (6) patients per day, on average.

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